MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

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In the Advanced Materials Machines thread, you will explore the novel materials, technologies, and processes that will define the future of fabrication and manufacturing. 

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

Prototyping to Full Production

Scholars will learn about the tools of additive and advanced manufacturing: 3D printing, powder and casting processes, advanced polymer processing approaches, and more. You will then apply this knowledge to specific projects: aerospace, electronics, automotive, energy, healthcare, or any other domain in which you have an interest. Along the way, you will discover how to scale up materials-intensive manufacturing enterprises from prototyping to full production. 

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

Learn About New Manufacturing Processes and Equipment which..

●  Let engineers prototype new materials and/or processes● Let manufacturers produce parts with close to near net shape, with a focus on additive manufacturing and related processes (i.e. printing or powder-based methods; including metals, polymers, and cements, etc.).● Enable adaptive production (highly responsive) that can manufacture products and use processes with improved performance● Allow engineers to understand the systems implications of changes within advanced manufacturing processes

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

Scholars in this Thread Will..

●  Study the fundamentals that govern the performance of materials used in various manufacturing processes and the transport phenomena associated with using them●  Learn the design methods, machine controls, and the application of advanced processes to meet industry needs● Develop and implement novel and scalable manufacturing processes that meet fundamental thermodynamics, mechanics, and design constraints● Acquire the ability to address the challenges of new manufacturing processes, including automation, process control, near net shape processing, and rapid prototyping


In order to receive the NEET Advanced Materials Machines certificate from the School of Engineering, scholars need to complete the following requirements (all classes are of 12 units unless specified otherwise):

Introductory project course (recommended Sophomore Fall)

3.007/22.03 Introduction to Materials and Mechanical Design (6 units) or alternative

Intermediate project course (recommended Junior Year)

2.008 Design and Manufacturing II or alternative

Capstone level project courses (can be taken Junior and/or Senior Year)

Take any two of the following:3.042 Materials Project Laboratory2.013 Engineering Systems Design2.014 Engineering Systems DevelopmentUROP in materials and manufacturing2.S981 Special Subject in Mechanical Engineering or other advanced projects class

Seminar (participation in 3 semesters over the course of 3 years, can do more)

3.006 Speaker series, career input, and hands-on activities (3 units per semester)(Within sophomore year: survey horizontal activities; within junior year: vertical semester where you work towards improved mastery of one AMM related activity; senior: activities to reinforce your UROP, your capstone, or develop your own specialization)

Suggested Foundation Subjects (not required)

3.012 Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
2.001 Mechanics and Materials I
3.044 Materials Processing or 2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering I
3.032 Mechanical Behavior of Materials or (2.001 Mechanics and Materials I and 2.002 Mechanics and Materials II)

Example Projects

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

3.007 Assistive Design

This project explores redesigning a tape dispenser to better serve the visually impaired

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

3.007 Assistive Design

Scholars designed a system to 3D print custom widgets that can be attached to a combination lock and allow the user to easily unlock the lock without being able to read the dial, then is easy to remove to keep the lock secure.

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

3.007 Final Project

This project imagines a system spanning from supply chains to checkout hardware that would allow many more day-to-day products to be sold in bulk, encouraging the use of reusable containers, to replace many items now only available in single-use packaging.


These are a series of 12-unit unrestricted elective classes that AMM scholars take throughout the three-year program. All the classes are accompanied by weekly seminar hosting guest speakers from industry, academia and government addressing a variety of issues under the thread theme.

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

3.007: Intro to Design

This introductory level project course is designed to provide hands-on experiences in creativity, project scoping, rapid prototyping, and fabrication skills you will need to quickly make your ideas come to life. The goal is to gain make and build confidence and to provide some familiarity with relevant prototyping tools.

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

3.006: NEET AMM Seminar

The Advanced Materials Machines NEET Seminar is brings scholars together around a series of colloquia with professional engineers and industry experts, and into various labs and fabrication facilities on campus to gain hands-on experience with a wide range of materials and processes.

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

2.008: Design and Manufacturing II

Integration of design, engineering, and management disciplines and practices for analysis and design of manufacturing enterprises. Emphasis is on the physics and stochastic nature of manufacturing processes and systems, and their effects on quality, rate, cost, and flexibility. Topics include process physics and control, design for manufacturing, and manufacturing systems. Group project requires design and fabrication of parts using mass-production and assembly methods to produce a product in quantity.


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  • Who is eligible for the Advanced Materials Machines thread?

    The Advanced Materials Machines thread is of specific interest to students majoring in Courses 2, 2-A, 3 or 3-A or in other technical majors (flex degrees).

  • Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, upon completing your SB degree and the NEET requirements you will also gain a NEET Certificate in Advanced Materials Machines from the School of Engineering.

  • What benefits may I expect from being in Advanced Materials Machines?

    The thread emphasizes interdisciplinary team-work, research output and individual mentoring. As such, you will benefit from exposure to a variety of interesting work being carried out by research labs from across all participating majors.