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Applications for the class of '24 are now open!

Thank you to our invited speakers, NEET leadership and instructors, and of course our amazing graduating scholars and their families who joined us, both in-person and remotely, on Weds, May 26, for our 2nd annual NEET Certificate Conferment Ceremony! We'll have the video of the ceremony posted soon.
Meanwhile, view the Conferment Ceremony Program, Speakers and our Graduating Seniors here!

MIT New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) - School of Engineering

About NEET

The New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) program was launched in 2017 to reimagine engineering education at MIT. A cross-departmental endeavor with a focus on integrative, project-centric learning, NEET cultivates the essential skills, knowledge, and qualities to address the formidable challenges posed by the twenty-first century.

NEET Threads

NEET offerings—known as “threads”—give students unprecedented opportunities to immerse themselves in projects that cross disciplinary boundaries while earning a degree in their chosen major. 

MIT NEET - Advanced Materials Machines

Advanced Materials Machines

Explore the novel materials, technologies, and processes that will define the future of fabrication and manufacturing.

MIT NEET - Autonomous Machines

Autonomous Machines

Design, build and deploy electromechanical systems, electronics, software, and autonomy algorithms for real-world robots.

MIT NEET - Digital Cities

Digital Cities

Prepare to plan and build the cities of the future by immersing scholars in the emerging intersections of computer science and urban planning.

MIT NEET - Living Machines

Living Machines

Discover, build and engineer living systems for broad applications in biotechnology and medical devices.

MIT NEET - Renewable Energy Machines

Renewable Energy Machines

Combat climate change by designing and building green energy production, conversion, storage, and transmission systems. 

Why join NEET?

Built entirely around the new machines, materials, and systems driving modern industry, NEET offers a carefully designed curricular structure that empowers MIT students.

Machines of the Future

Design, build and deploy machines of the future from autonomous drones to human organs-on-chip.

Intellectual Community

Join a community of hundreds of students from over 10+ majors across the schools of Engineering and Science.

Transferable Skills

Gain valuable technical, lab and interpersonal skills that are in high demand by industry, graduate and medical schools.

Exclusive Access

Gain access to numerous NEET-affiliated research labs, faculty, mentors, industry contacts, community spaces and registration priority to many project-based classes.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Work on cutting-edge interdisciplinary projects at MIT labs.

NEET Certificate

Earn a NEET certificate from the MIT School of Engineering in your desired thread.

News Highlights

Infusing ethics into experiential learning

Infusing ethics into experiential learning

In a new undergraduate course, students explore the ethical dimensions of their experiences.

Ronit Langer

Ronit Langer awarded the Scoville Fellowship

NEET LM scholar, Ronit Langer, was awarded the Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship which she is pursuing at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Ronit Langer

Exploring speech recognition with industry experts

MIT rising junior and NEET Autonomous Machines scholar Lilly Papalia discovered a way to create multiple test audio files for voice recognition in GM cars.

Rovi Porter

Hawaiian student inspires Pembrokeshire youngsters to design and build robots

NEET REM scholar, Rovi Porter, teaches Pembrokeshire College youngsters to build robots.

Burchard Scholar

Thirty-eight exceptional MIT students named 2020 Burchard Scholars

NEET LM scholar, Haniya Shareef, selected as an MIT Burchard Scholar which helps students expand intellectual horizons and leadership skills.


At halfway point, SuperUROP scholars share their research results

NEET AM scholar, Weitung Chen among those showcasing their SuperUROP projects to the MIT community and local industry partners.

Janice Tjan

MIT students encourage young females to pursue STEM studies and careers

NEET LM scholar, Janice Tjan paid a visit to over ten Charleston County School District (CCSD) schools to encourage young girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and career paths.

MIT NEET Ethics - Marion Boulicault and Milo Phillips-Brown

Integrating Ethics into a Technical Curriculum

NEET ethics instructors Marion Boulicault and Milo Phillips-Brown discuss three questions about integrating ethics into technical content.