NEET Threads

NEET offerings—known as “threads”—give students unprecedented opportunities to immerse themselves in projects that cross disciplinary boundaries while earning a degree in their chosen major.

NEET - Autonomous Machines

Autonomous Machines

Design, build and deploy electromechanical systems, electronics, software, and autonomy algorithms for real-world robots.

NEET - Renewable Energy Machines

Climate & Sustainability Systems

Innovate the materials, devices, processes, and networked systems to support the urgent and necessary transition towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable planet.

NEET - Digital Cities

Digital Cities

Prepare to plan and build the cities of the future by immersing them in the emerging intersections of computer science and urban planning.

NEET - Living Machines

Living Machines

Discover, build and engineer living systems for broad applications in biotechnology and medical devices.