***Application Deadline Extended***Apply to NEET by 11:59 pm on Friday May 31st& enter a raffle for a $200 Amazon gift!

***Application Deadline Extended***Apply to NEET by 11:59 pm on Friday May 31st& enter a raffle for a $200 Amazon gift!

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At MIT, education is at a moment of reinvention. We are reinvigorating our traditional practices of making and doing while accelerating pedagogical innovation through digital tools and experiential education. And we are expanding opportunities for leadership training to support the growth of students both in and outside the classroom. In this spirit, the School of Engineering launched the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) pilot program in Fall 2017, an initiative that is boldly reimagining an MIT education to reflect the realities of the present and anticipate the needs of the future. Available to sophomores across the Institute, NEET is a cross-departmental program with a focus on integrative, project-centric learning. NEET scholars spend their sophomore through senior years immersed in projects that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. The program cultivates in students the essential skills, knowledge, and qualities needed to address the formidable societal challenges posed by the 21st century. 
NEET is built entirely around the “new machines and systems” --- including mechanical, molecular, biological, informational, and energetic constructs --- that our graduating students will build during their careers after they leave MIT. Students learn the NEET Ways of Thinking, cognitive approaches such as critical thinking, creative thinking and ethics that would help them to work more effectively on their own. Students who have elected to pursue NEET will earn a degree in their chosen major and simultaneously earn a NEET certificate in one of the following four cross-departmental pathways or “threads” --- Autonomous Machines, Climate & Sustainability Systems, Digital Cities, and Living Machines. 
Interested in sponsoring NEET? Please contact Dr. Babi Mitra, Executive Director.

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Sponsor NEET

We welcome both engagement and financial support from individuals and corporations. 

Industry and foundational sponsors become part of the NEET undergraduate educational experience and community, offering expertise and mentorship. Our goal is to have industry leaders from sectors that address societal challenges facing us --- climate change, pandemics, sustainability and renewable energy to name a few, and align with the solution domains covered by the NEET threads listed below --- additive manufacturing, autonomy and robotics, building technology for the public good, applying engineering principles and concepts to problems in the life and medical sciences, and renewable energy. Sponsors get to interact with NEET scholars (students) through the three years of the program; such exposure can lead to potential recruitment opportunities.
NEET welcomes both engagement and financial support from individuals and corporations. We encourage participation in projects as mentors and as resources to further shape existing NEET threads and to develop new ones. There is also an opportunity for industry affiliates to inform the design and development of these industry-focused programs by providing inputs on industry needs and by helping to design and evaluate projects and seminars.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome financial sponsorship at a variety of levels

  • $250k

    4 opportunities to fund

    New Projects Development

    Design, development, and improvement of the unique project components focused on new machines for a NEET Thread.
    NEET faculty, instructors, and students design the vision and project armature of a NEET thread, which typically includes three semester-long NEET project classes that NEET students would take in their sophomore, junior and senior years. This would also include expanding the available project options available to NEET students. Projects could be those initiated by faculty and students in research areas of interest, as well as those initiated by industry in business areas.

  • $175k

    4 opportunities to fund

    Technical Instruction for a Thread

    Providing support for a Lead Instructor in a NEET Thread.
    This position is the spearhead in implementing NEET’s project-centric approach in the context of the cross-departmental thread and in collaboration with the faculty lead and other teaching staff, is responsible for tactical execution and operational oversight of all the project-centric aspects of a thread.

  • $125k

    8 opportunities two for each Thread

    Teaching Assistant for a Thread

    Providing support for a Teaching Assistant in a NEET Thread.
    Teaching appointments advance the development of graduate students by giving them experience in scholarship and instruction while also providing an income.
    other resources, e.g., hardware, software and online training material, for educational use by NEET scholars.

  • $50k

    12 opportunities three for each Thread

    New Content Development for a NEET Seminar

    Providing support for content development of a NEET seminar.

  • $50k

    12 opportunities three for each Thread

    New Lab Development

    Providing support for laboratory materials and equipment for a NEET project class.

  • $50k

    16 opportunities four for each Thread

    New Content Development for the NEET Ways of Thinking

    Development of video learning vignettes for one of the NEET Ways of Thinking, e.g., for critical thinking, creative thinking, personal skills(ethical thinking), interpersonal skills (EQ).

  • $50k

    10 opportunities ten different topics

    Creating Educational Videos with NEET Students

    Development of videos on a broad array of topics that would be of interest to students, e.g., on climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable development, avocations, and hobbies.

Or contact NEET Executive Director, Dr. Babi Mitra, for more information.
Donors will be invited for special NEET events, e.g., the NEET Certificate Conferment Ceremony and NEET Social Events. As appropriate, donors may be invited to sit in on a class or meet with faculty/instructors/students and offer feedback based on their experience in industry that may help shape the curriculum.

Current Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors who support us every step of the way.

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Our Mission

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New Curricula for a New Age

Today’s global needs will require multidisciplinary solutions, with all fields relying heavily on computation. A mechanical engineer must know about computer vision to build an autonomous vehicle. A biological engineer must know about microfluidics to build a body-on-a-chip. An urban planner must know about data-driven modeling to predict how climate change will transform a city. These trends call for a different type of curricula.
“I want to have the skills to solve the problems that don’t exist yet,” Guillaume says. “That way, when the problems of the future arrive, I can be among the first to pioneer solutions.” Senior Mitchell Guillaume is a mechanical engineering major enrolled in NEET Autonomous Machines.

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A Commitment to Educational Innovation

Today, students entering MIT are focused less on choosing a major and more on solving world problems. Rather than enrolling at MIT for a preferred course of study, for example, biological engineering or materials science, they arrive on campus with a passion for tackling specific challenges, such as drug discovery or solar energy. With the guidance of a NEET advisor, students are provided the flexibility to satisfy major requirements, such as Computational Methods and Signals and Systems, by taking subjects in multiple departments. This structure affords them the time to discover a distinctive academic path—one that matches their tremendous ambitions and talents.

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Emphasizing Disciplinary Breadth as Well as Depth

Emphasizing disciplinary breadth as well as depth, NEET offers a carefully designed curricular structure that enables students to effectively and efficiently learn challenging concepts—and to apply them with expertise. These cognitive approaches, such as creative thinking, critical thinking, and systems thinking, are offered through cross-school initiatives in which faculty from the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and the MIT School of Architecture and Planning co-teach modules with faculty from the MIT School of Engineering. Students are also coached on personal and interpersonal skills and challenged to develop their ability to learn independently through a combination of digital education, peer-to-peer learning, faculty mentoring, and self-study. Along the way, they gain confidence in their technical abilities, as well as their leadership and teamwork skills.

NEET Threads

NEET is built entirely around the machines, materials, and systems driving modern industry. The students who have elected to pursue NEET will earn a degree in their chosen major while spending their sophomore through senior years immersed in projects that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. They will simultaneously earn a NEET certificate in a cross-departmental pathway or “thread.”

MIT NEET - Autonomous Machines

Autonomous Machines

Design, build and deploy electromechanical systems, electronics, software, and autonomy algorithms for real-world robots.

MIT NEET - Renewable Energy Machines

Climate & Sustainability Systems 

Combat climate change by designing and building green energy production, conversion, storage, and transmission systems. 

MIT NEET - Digital Cities

Digital Cities

Prepare to plan and build the cities of the future by immersing scholars in the emerging intersections of computer science and urban planning.

MIT NEET - Living Machines

Living Machines

Discover, build and engineer living systems for broad applications in biotechnology and medical devices.