What is a NEET thread?

NEET is organized into sub-programs that have a specific technical focus. You choose which thread you want to join depending on your interests and major. Each thread has a different set of requirements and is lead by its own faculty and instructors. There are currently five threads to choose from.

How long is the program?

You join NEET and your specific thread at the beginning of your sophomore year, and remain in your thread until graduation. So it is a 3-year program with various levels of time commitment throughout. See each thread's requirements and roadmaps for more details. 

What are the benefits?

No matter which thread you choose you will gain a host of transferable technical and interpersonal skills through a variety of hands-on projects, research, classes, seminars, events, socials, and career development opportunities.

Is NEET a minor?

No. NEET is a certificate program administered by the School of Engineering. At the completion of the program, you get a certificate in your specific thread awarded by the MIT School of Engineering.

What is the time commitment?

This highly depends on your major and the thread you choose. In most cases, the thread requirements also fulfill many of your specific major's requirements. In other cases, you will be committing more time.

Who is eligible to join?

Any current First Year student at MIT can apply to join. Some threads are restricted to specific majors, but other than that there are no eligibility criteria.

Extended FAQ

  • What happens if I want to switch threads?

    You are welcome to do so, but keep in mind that each thread has very different requirements and depending on when you decide to switch, it might not be possible. If you are considering multiple threads please speak to the thread instructors for each to decide which one aligns best with your interests and career goals.

  • Does participating in a thread prolong my graduation?

    Absolutely not. All NEET threads are designed so as not to add to your time at MIT. You will still graduate at the same time as if you were not participating in NEET.

  • Can I leave NEET?

    Of course. If at anytime NEET no longer fulfills your interests you can drop the program.

  • Will I be able to change majors if I am in NEET?

    Yes, being enrolled in NEET does not prevent you from changing majors. In fact, you may find that classes you've taken for NEET fulfill requirements in the new major you're considering. 

  • How do I learn more about each individual thread?

    We encourage you to browse the page of each thread and then schedule a meeting with the NEET Thread Instructor. See the contact page for details.

  • Can I join more than one thread?

    This could be difficult to pull off, since the threads may have classes with overlapping schedules, and a second thread will increase your overall course load. If you're considering this, you should meet with NEET Academic Administrator Becky Shepardson to see if your plan is feasible.